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Pathway To Victory
Po Box 223609
Dallas, TX 75222-3609

Customer Service:
(214) 969-2400

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Get Back To The Basics Of Your Faith

Spiritual Essentials

How To Study The Bible, How To Pray

Spiritual Essentials shows you how to better connect with God during your personal prayer time and shows you how to study God’s Word in a truly meaningful way. This 52-page book is based on Dr. Jeffress’ tried-and-true Bible study and prayer strategy. You’ll discover three simple ways you can make God’s Word a part of your everyday life. In features a practical plan to get you started, and it includes a section that gives you advice on how you can pray for your children and grandchildren.

Plus, we’ve included the Pathway to Victory Prayer Journal. This journal is designed for you to write down your prayer need and requests and keep track of the prayers that God answers.

Also available …

  • The complete Spiritual Fitness series on DVD video and MP3-format audio disc
  • The companion piece, What Every Christian Should Know About The Bible