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Discover The 10 Keys To Extraordinary Success From Proverbs

The Solomon Secrets by Dr. Robert Jeffress

Life today is plagued by failed relationships, financial pressure, frustrated goals, and dashed dreams. Everybody wants “the good life,” but we’re constantly frustrated by our inability to experience it–even when we energetically pursue all the best-selling methods for achieving success.

There must be a better way to live. Yet it seems even those who appear “successful” aren’t truly satisfied. What’s the true secret to genuine success? Once again, God has the answers. And you’ll find them in The Solomon Secrets by Dr. Robert Jeffress.

Thousands of years ago Solomon compiled a book filled with practical insights for success in every area of life: parenting, marriage, vocation, relationships, self-control, and money management, just to mention a few. Solomon’s ancient wisdom holds the key to achieving and enjoying the things we want most in life … and The Solomon Secrets shows you how.

Let us send you a copy as our thanks for your generous gift, and we’ll include a copy of the ministry-exclusive booklet, Timeless Wisdom From Proverbs. This helpful resource is written and designed to help the teenager, college student, or young adult in your life make wise decisions based on God’s Word … straight from the book of Proverbs.

And, when your gift is $75 or more, you can request the complete The Solomon Secrets series DVD/MP3-formatted audio disc.