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A Place Called Heaven For Kids hard-cover book


Is Heaven real?
Where is it?
What will we do there?
How do we get there?

When a death occurs in a child’s family or circle of friends, they have a lot of questions. And you may find yourself at a loss to answer. A Place Called Heaven for Kids provides those answers.

Colorfully illustrated and using simple concepts and language that children ages 4-7 can understand, this book gives children peace of mind about their lost loved one as well as a comforting, biblical picture of their forever home. For parents, grandparents, and caregivers, it offers a positive, constructive way to grieve, hope, and grow—together.



This book is for your children, grandchildren, and other children in your life — to answer their questions about Heaven while clearly presenting the one true way to get there! A Place Called Heaven For Kids

  • Answers 10 questions about Heaven in language a child can understand
  • Is illustrated by an award-winning artist
  • Closes with a prayer of salvation you can pray with your child or grandchild … to ensure your child or grandchild will be in Heaven with you one day.

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