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How To Make Wise Decisions


A fresh, biblical approach to discovering God’s perfect plan for your life.
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” –John 10:27

The God who created the universe–and who numbers the hairs on your head–has a specific plan for your life. But before you can follow that plan, you must know what it is–especially in the “gray areas” that Scripture doesn’t directly address:

•Who should I marry? Or should I marry at all?
•Is this job offer the best for me? Am I even in the right field?
•What ministry am I best suited for?
•What’s the best educational option for my children?

The list grows longer and the questions only get harder. To compound the confusion, you are likely to receive contradictory advice from different sources on how to determine God’s will. But now, in Hearing the Master’s Voice, well-known pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress guides you back to the Bible to show you how God makes His plans known to His children–and how to act on those plans. Jeffress shows you the difference between God’s voice and your own personal desires. He explains whether you should ask God for a “sign.” And he encourages you in those times when God seems silent.

In an age when you face more choices in life than ever before, Hearing the Master’s Voice provides clear, encouraging guidance for knowing, understanding, and acting upon God’s will for you.
Inside: The Barna Research Group’s specially commissioned national opinion study of Americans’ views on finding God’s will.

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