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The Nativity Devotional


The Nativity Devotional is unique … it not only provides reflections on Christmas for you, or for you and your spouse to read together — but it also includes a child-friendly version, for you to read with your children and grandchildren as you set up your nativity scene in your home this Christmas. The Nativity Devotional uses a traditional nativity scene to take a fresh look at familiar biblical characters. Each devotion focuses on a character in the nativity scene and highlights an important spiritual lesson we can apply to our lives today.

In the middle of your busy Christmas season, I encourage you to pause, quiet your heart, and spend a few unrushed moments reflecting on the Christmas story from the nativity.

  • You can use these reflections for your own personal devotion or read them together as a family.
  • You may choose to read all seven devotions at once, or you may prefer to read one short devotion a day.
  • If you have young children, you can use the simple, child-friendly version included with each devotional.


52-pages, full-color inside and out

Includes devotionals for adults plus child-friendly versions