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Dr. Robert Jeffress: Crisis In Ukraine

Dr. Robert Jeffress interview on TBN discussing Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and how Christians should respond.

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  • Pathway to Victory
    Who’s The Boss?
    The first test of our spirituality, according to the Apostle Paul, is how we behave at home. Today, in the message, “Who’s the Boss?”, as part...
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  • Pathway to Victory
    Count Blessings, Not Sheep
    Have you ever noticed how expressing gratitude almost instantaneously lifts your spirits? That’s not by coincidence. In the message, “Count Blessings, Not Sheep,” as part of...
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  • Pathway to Victory
    Hooked on Others
    “Every life exists either to meet a need or to fill a greed.” What could be said about yours? In the message “Hooked on Others,” as...
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  • Pathway to Victory
    Speech Therapy 101
    It has the power to destroy your life, your home, and your church. It’s something we all have, and it is not easily tamed – the...
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  • Pathway to Victory
    Heaven Can’t Wait!
    In Colossians 3, Paul explains why we don’t have to wait until heaven to experience victory in our Christian life. In light of that passage, Dr....
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